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Disyon's NFTs for ART project aims to explain the potential of block chain technology to emerging artists and art lovers who are looking for a guide through online video-recorded interviews and training programs. Artists, who had a hard time getting out of their own social sphere of influence in the old order, are now able to communicate with the whole world with their works that they transformed into NFT via today's technology. While there has been a big breaking point in the art world with the block chain technology mainstreaming in the world in the past few years, Turkish artists have had difficulties in finding their place in this order, especially due to the limited access to technological information and language and gender barriers, and they continue to do so. Disyon aims to explain the potential of block chain technology to young artists who are still growing and looking for a guide, with an online video-recorded beginner-level training program with this project, which is designed as a video series. Disyon's training program project will be a gateway to the digital art world for many disadvantaged artists.